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I’ve sorted some past blog entries and added some new information so there would be a one-stop resource available for glycemic index friendly restaurant information.  I may continue to add information through seperate blog entries, but will also make sure this static page stays updated.  When I first started the GI diet I thought I was stuck with just a couple restaurants, but over time I’ve found lots of great options, and want to help others also find delicious, healthy options.  If you have any great places to share please drop me a line!

National Chains:

Pei Wei Asian Diner

They have brown rice available as an option which makes any of their rice bowls G.I. friendly. You do get ALOT of rice though, so I usually only eat about half of it. They also have lettuce wraps and other goodies that are South Beach friendly, no matter what stage you are on.

Panera Bread

Panera Bread was rated the best fast food restaurant chain in the country by Consumer Reports.  We finally got one in San Antonio less than a year ago and it quickly became the favorite lunch hangout for me and all my coworkers.  They have a bakery section with lots of whole grain goodies, and plenty of GI friendly options on their menu including soups, salads, and sandwiches.  As a side to your meal you can choose whole grain bread or fruit (as well as white bread and chips).  Calling them a fast food restaurant seems technically accurate but awfully unfair.

The Sandwich Shops

Subway, Schlotsky’s, Quizno’s and Firehouse Subs are all national chains that have a whole wheat bread option. I worked at Subway’s all through college and even after college when looking for a real job. They are super clean and the food is always super fresh. Subway also has a healthy option meal where you can get apple slices or raisins instead of chips so I usually go there if I’m hitting a sandwich shop.

The Salad Chronicles

I know that when you are trying to stay on a healthy diet everyone tells you “just have the salad!” There is only so much salad one person can eat though, and usually the last thing I want when I eat out.  However, there are two salads I dig. I like the Asian Chicken Salad from Jack In The Box and the Greek Salad from the SuperTarget deli. (Yes the stuffed grape leaf that it comes with is made with white rice, but only about a tbs full.) Generally if I have salad I make my own, but these two I think are worth the price!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is an organic grocery like Sun Harvest or Wild Oats that is a national chain. They have a huge deli/prepared foods section but when I stop there to grab lunch I always get the brown rice sushi that is available in the same varieties the regular sushi is. It falls apart a little faster but stays delicious!

Regional Chains:

FreeB!rd World Burrito

FreeB!rd is a Texas chain similar to Chipolte Grill except with more options, including wheat tortillas. I get the 1/2 Bird with a wheat tortilla, no rice, whole beans (they have pinto and black), chicken, cheese and guac. They also have beef and lots of veggies. They also have Diet Dr Pepper on fountain so I heart them muchly.

San Antonio Restaurants:

Habaneros Grill

This is a San Antonio-only build your own burrito bar with two locations in town.  They also have wheat tortillas…and what’s even better is the tortillas are all cooked to order so they are hot and fresh. Go riceless and get the whole beans, just like above, and you can stay G.I. friendly!

Gourmet Burger Grill

Here you  have not only a choice of sourdough white bun, but whole wheat or marble rye bun. And a choice of Angus beef, or American Kobe beef, or ahi tuna, or chicken, or turkey or crabcake sandwich! Not to mention any of 13 cheese choices, including boursin, camembert and goat cheese; 13 sauces to choose from including lemon remoulade, pesto mayo and horseradish cream; and 13 interesting other toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, fried egg, and roasted red peppers.


Is San Antonio’s first and only completely vegetarian restaurant.  To tell you how serious we take our meat in Texas, it took us until 2007 to get a vegetarian option in town!  They have lots of meatless goodies and serve their sandwiches and burgers on whole wheat bread and buns!

Texas Farm To Table

Texas Farm To Table focuses on fresh, local, organic, and fair-trade ingredients.  Lots of GI friendly options such as buckwheat pancakes at breakfast and delcious sandwiches served on whole grain breads!  You can also have your sandwich served with fruit instead of potato salad!

Other Cities:

Send me your reviews of GI friendly restaurants in your area!


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    Tracy said,

    *sigh* How I miss Habanero’s grill. That was one of my fav’s when I was living in SA. Another local (Texas) grocer would be Central Market for whole grain breads. They have 5, 7 and 9 grains that are awesome!

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