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Burger Goodness in San Antonio!

Sometimes we just need a fat satisfying burger, dripping juicy goodness down our arms. But those burgers come between 2 halves of a white bread bun just about all the time, at least eating out they do.

Well, in San Antonio, we now have a yummy burger,well, not exactly joint called Gourmet Burger Grill, wherein we have not only a choice of sourdough white bun, but whole wheat or marble rye bun. And a choice of Angus beef, or American Kobe beef, or ahi tuna, or chicken, or turkey or crabcake sandwich! Not to mention any of 13 cheese choices, including boursin, camembert and goat cheese; 13 sauces to choose from including lemon remoulade, pesto mayo and horseradish cream; and 13 interesting other toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, fried egg, and roasted red peppers.

For you rabbits, there are 4 salads and 6 home-made dressings. For you bad boys and girls out there, check out the battered, fried mac and cheese, the french fried white or sweet potatoes, and the fantastic onion rings ( I admit, I tried Mr. dks’ order). And if you need your sugar completely processed, there’s margarita pie and double chocolate cake. I didn’t even see these, let alone taste them. But I did think about them a little.

And there is bottled beer and wine, including that sorta-legal red wine we read about on the GI blogs and in the books. And for the really, really good boys and girls, there is turkey chili.

What more do ya need?

Here’s a map


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Whole Grain Pizzas

D’Giornno and Freshetta both make a G.I.-friendly frozen pizza now.  D’Giornno’s is whole wheat and Freshetta’s is whole grain (more whole grains than just wheat).  I’m not sure how many different varieties of each are available but I have tried the D’Giornno thin crust and rising crust and the Freshetta’s rising crust.  All were really quite good.  Obviously the thin crust is the healthier G.I. option but the other was filling enough that I only ate two pieces so I didn’t overindulge.

Frozen pizzas can taste quite good, especially if you put them right on the rack instead of on a cookie sheet.

You can also reduce the fat by up to 30% by blotting the top of your piece of pizza with a paper towel before you eat since many of the oils float to the top…(you know that yummy orange stuff).

If you are ordering pizza out, finding a whole wheat or whole grain crust is still really hard (impossible in San Antonio).  You can, however, request a thin crust, and light cheese to reduce the fat a bit (you won’t notice the difference at all…I never do, and I LOVE cheese).  The blotting trick works well on this pizza too!

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Eating Out In San Antonio

I was flipping through the South Beach guide to eating out.  It had restaurants for several major cities (not S.A.) and a pretty comprehensive national chain guide.  The problem was besides all the weird South Beach stage-ness that I don’t understand it was mostly a list of salads.

There is only so much salad one girl can eat.

Ok, I probably could stand to eat a few more of them, but when I go out to eat I want something GOOD!

It is really hard, in a town with incredible Mexican food, to eat G.I. friendly.  I’ve been out to a few mexican places since starting the diet, and was able to moderate the meals a little by being careful but it would still be a stretch to call them GI-friendly.  One night I had fajitas, asked for corn tortillas instead of flour, had the whole beans, and no rice.  I ordered enchiladas once but asked for a salad instead of rice and beans.  And this week, at a breakfast meeting, I had migas con queso instead of the huge tacos Tito’s restaurant is famous for.  I also left the potatos on my plate.  Ok, I had one bite.  Godde, I miss potatos.

 But there are several G.I. friendly places I can eat without having to have Another Effin’ Salad.  This list is by no means complete because I don’t actually eat out as much as it seems but I will definately add places as I try them, such as the new vegetarian restaurant in town, Green, that is on my try next list!  If you have anything to add to the list, or restaurants local to you, please post them in the comments section.  I will add them to the blog, and if the list gets big enough, create a web page for them!

G.I. Dining in S.A.

Pei Wei Asian Diner

They have brown rice available as an option which makes any of their rice bowls G.I. friendly.  You do get ALOT of rice though, so I usually only eat about half of it.  They also have lettuce wraps and other goodies that are South Beach friendly, no matter what stage you are on.  This is a national chain.

FreeB!rd World Burrito

FreeB!rd is a Texas chain similar to Chipolte Grill except with more options, including wheat tortillas.  I get the 1/2 Bird with a wheat tortilla, no rice, whole beans (they have pinto and black), chicken, cheese and guac.  They also have beef and lots of veggies.  They also have Diet Dr Pepper on fountain so I heart them muchly.

 Habaneros Grill

This is a San Antonio-only build your own burrito bar.  There is one in town and I *think* they are building a new one soon.  They also have wheat tortillas…and what’s even better is the tortillas are all cooked to order so they are hot and fresh.  Go riceless and get the whole beans, just like above, and you can stay G.I. friendly!

The Sandwich Shops

Subway, Schlotsky’s, Quizno’s and Firehouse Subs are all national chains that have a whole wheat bread option.  I worked at Subway’s all through college and even after college when looking for a real job.  They are super clean and the food is always super fresh.  Subway also has a healthy option meal where you can get apple slices or raisins instead of chips so I usually go there if I’m hitting a sandwich shop.  There is also one on both UTSA campuses, so bonus!

Whole Foods

Whole Foods is an organic grocery like Sun Harvest or Wild Oats that is a national chain.  They have a huge deli/prepared foods section but when I stop there to grab lunch I always get the brown rice sushi that is available in the same varieties the regular sushi is.  It falls apart a little faster but stays delicious!

If I Have To Have The Effin’ Salad…

There are two salads I dig.  I like the Asian Chicken Salad from Jack In The Box and the Greek Salad from the SuperTarget deli.  (Yes the stuffed grape leaf that it comes with is made with white rice, but only about a tbs full.)  Generally if I have salad I make my own, but these two I think are worth the price!

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