Hi, my name is Faith and I’m learning to control my diabetes and lose a little weight (and keeping it off!) in the process.  What has worked best for me is the Gylcemic Index Diet.  I like to eat fresh and local, and have been converting some of my favorite recipes to GI friendly versions.  I also still dig eating out and post about GI friendly restaurant options too.  My mom also posts sometimes.  Sporadically, though.  Because she’s old and forgets.  It’s OK if you tell her I said that, because she’ll forget that too.

My other wordpress blog, devoted to arts + crafts as well as  home + garden stuff is Arte Es Vida.  It’s updated more sporadically but there are tons of cool projects in the archives so check it out!


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    amber said,

    Hi Faith!

    I saw your post on the Kitchn website–looks like we have a lot in common! My boyfriend and I just started getting local produce delivered in Austin via Greenling. Week 1, and we love it. We’re doing it for enviro/ethical/health reasons but i LOVE how the box-o-random-goodies forces you to be creative! I’ll bookmark your page and I’m sure be inspired. Keep it up!

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    Jerry said,


    I am very new at dieting , but the GI system seems to work. I am learning the Big part is mental, making sure I follow a high fibre routine with lots of apples. I am trying to learn more about other foods, etc.

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    arteesvida said,

    Hey Jerry! I read some reasearch that shows that it takes 21 days to change a habit. I must be stubborn because it took me 6 weeks but while it was hard at first I keep to the diet almost all the time without even thinking about it now. Being very strict for the first few weeks seemed to help!

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    Maureen said,

    Hi Faith, I’m a book editor looking for someone to write a cookbook on glycemic index foods. Email me so I can send you some more information. Thanks! Maureen

  5. 5

    arteesvida said,


    I sent you an email, let me know if you didn’t get it or contact me faithduck@aol.com

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