Three Sisters (Corn, Beans, Squash) Rice Bake

Letting my son use my camera is always a bad idea. I had two meals worth of pictures disappear when he was taking pictures of himself with his sister and uncles today. Which is too bad, because both recipes were a family hit. One I plan on remaking this week, this one I’m going to post without the pictures because I don’t know when I’ll be making it again (though it should be soon since my husband ate four helpings!).

Calling it a casserole is inaccurate because the only thing binding it all together was cheese.

I sauteed three small squash with half an onion in a little olive oil until tender. Drain and rinse a can of beans (I used black beans), and add a couple cups of corn (either a can of corn or half a bag of frozen). Mixed with cooked brown rice (I used one Success Family Size Boil In A Bag Brown Rice which equals about three cups cooked). Add a couple of cups of cooked chicken breast and mix with cheese (I mixed cheddar and monterey jack). Cover with tinfoil and bake for about 30 minutes at 350. I put this together the night before and put it straight from the fridge into the oven! If you want to bind it altogether a little salsa will work well, and you could also use this as a stuffing for peppers!

Kick out the chicken to make a still-very-filling vegetarian dish!

Read more about how some Native American tribes planted corn, beans, and squash together (hence the name “three sisters”).

ETA: Found one remaining picture of a mostly finished casserole taken before my husband hip checked me to finish it off.


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  1. 1

    Amy Green said,

    I know the trials of the camera…it seems that anytime we have a meal there’s a photo session before we dig in so I can post the pic later on. Even though you don’t have a picture to show it sounds delicious. 🙂

    • 2

      arteesvida said,

      I believe I found *one* picture of the nearly eaten casserole left on the camera. The clams and criminis pasta is still gone forever, though, I’m afraid. I’ve been trying to do more pictures but that’s only making me aware of how badly I need a new camera!

  2. 3

    MJK06 said,

    I have tried this recipe with and without the chicken and its fantastic either way…thx for posting 🙂

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