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Fried Okra Step By Step

Full recipe here.


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Sunday Linky Goodness

Summer squash gratin recipe here.

The Simply Sugar and Gluten Free blog. Can’t wait to try the tortilla soup!

Spinach Pesto recipe. Looks yummy!

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Freezing Yellow Squash

Yellow squash also blanches at three minutes in boiling water and then three in ice water before freezing. If you grate the squash instead of chopping it you only needed to blanche for 1/2 minutes.

There is a LOT of really good information about blanching all kids of vegetables here.

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Pasta With Pesto and Grilled Chicken

This is a super easy pasta dish recipe I saw in the BHG special publication magazine Mixing Bowl. I used pesto from my freezer but you can also make your pesto fresh or use prepurchased. While the water is boiling for your pasta, grill or pan cook a couple of chicken breasts. I cut off all the fat and sprayed each breast lightly with olive oil then sprinkled it with Montreal Chicken Seasoning. I threw them on the George Foreman grill (alsp sprayed with canola oil) and grilled them until cooked through, about 8 minutes or so (this will depend on the width of your chicken breast, so you can check with a meat thermometor or just cut them open to make sure they are no longer pink inside).

While the pasta was cooking, I sliced the chicken breast and put the thawed pesto in the bottom of the bowl.

I tossed the hot pasta with the pesto and added the chicken breast slices and parmesan cheese on top. Delicious!

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A Note On Pasta

(picture blurred to protect the guilty)

Once you open a box of it, use the glass jar to put the rest in. It stays fresh and keeps bugs out, etc. If that’s too much work, at least turn the box around and close it as well as possible so the next person pulling out the box knows that it is open and to be careful so it doesn’t spill.

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Freezing Green Beans

Green beans are probably my family’s favorite veggie. They are equally loved by all, unlike other delicious things that some weirdos that I married and gave birth to don’t like, like cucumbers) but we have green beans coming out of our ears in the garden and I finally realized I couldn’t eat them as fast as we were picking them, especially since we left to go camping this weekend. Fortunately, they are easy to freeze! Just blanche them in boiling water for 3 minutes, drain them and transfer them to ice water for another 3 minutes to stop the cooking process. Freeze and enjoy them later in the year!

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Sunday Linky Goodness

Top 10 reasons to buy from a local farm.

Top 10 reasons why organic vegetables are better and healthier.

Mark Bittman’s veggie burger recipes. The bean burger looks delicious!

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