Freezing Versus Canning

Mark Bittman wrote a great article for the NYT on freezing foods, check it out here.

There is alot of research that shows that freezing food preserves more of nutrients than canning (see Mchael Pollan’s In Defense Of Food) so if you have the freezer space, you may want to consider the canning for the sweet stuff like jams and jellies and freeze the veggies and other goodies. You can also consider it as a green move, filling a freezer to capacity makes it work more effeciently!!

One thing Bittman didn’t mention that is my favorite tip to share is this:

When you are freezing things lay them flat until they are frozen through and then stash them away. If the fluids freeze flat in the bag like in the picture above they will take up less space in the freezer then if you just set them in the freezer, ziplock side up. After they are frozen, you can stack them on top of each other or sideways in small spaces, which is great if you only have the small freezer attached to your fridge.

I also freeze alot of items in ice cube trays then transfer the cubes to freezer bags. This allows me to just pull out and defrost a little bit at a time, like lime juice or my ever-present pesto. Something else you may want to try!

For more info, go here for lots of links on freezing and canning foods


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