Grow Your Own Herbs!

The herbs in the hanging basket were started by my friend from seed and given to me for mother’s day (great friend, right?). They include cilantro, sage, and basil. The metal washtub (that I took from a trash pile at the side of the road, lest you forget about my classier habits) is full of more basil…three kinds: lemon, thai, and sweet. My family LOVES pesto and it’s expensive to buy fresh basil, the jarred stuff at the supermarket is also expensive and not fantasitc tasting but basil is so easy to grow! All three starter plants cost me ten dollars and I’ve already harvested enough to make 2 batches of basil to freeze (and will harvest again within a week).

While most of the family garden is on my mom and dad’s property, we have a few things growing here (also a tomato plant lurking about, and a failed garlic growing experiment). There really is room to grow something just about anywhere! Fresh herbs or a tomato plant are great for apartments, little container gardens, or windowsills. Give it a try!


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