Drinking the water from Mexico

 I’ve been working hard to reduce my caffiene intake (for my blood pressure, which is just high enough to worry my doctor because I’m diabetic).  I’ve switched to herbal tea in the morning at work during the team meeting, but my biggest challenge is giving up Diet Dr Pepper.  I keep flavored waters (both carbonated and not), no sugar added juices, diet juices and the above, Topo Chico water.

Topo Chico is made in Mexico and can be bought by the case at any local grocery store as well as Sam’s Club in south Texas.  It reminds me of the German mineral water, it’s super bubbly and almost a bit salty.  I also love the lime flavored Topo, but haven’t found it by the case.  I buy cases of it, drink it straight, with True Lime, or with a dollup of sugar free rasberry syrup.  Delish!

More info here: http://www.topochico.com/


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