Pillsbury Reduced Sugar Mixes


I tried the Pillsbury low sugar brownie mix recently.  The low sugar cake mixes and frostings have been available for about a year now but the brownie mix was new to me and probably the best  low-sugar mix they currently have.  It actually tastes…just like brownies!  The texture is at the cakey end of the brownie spectrum (I prefer fudgey) but still very good.

I have tried the cake mixes in  yellow and chocolate.  Both taste good as well and have a good texture, I actually prefered the yellow over the chocolate.  The chocolate frosting tastes good but the texture is different from the full-sugar frosting.  This will probably be where you notice the biggest difference.

It’s nice to have an easy lower-sugar option at the same price point as other cake mixes, kudos to Pillsbury for offering this diabetic-friendlier option!


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    Shirley Benner said,

    Having difficulty finding the low sugar brownie mixes. I am diabetic and this is a wonderful product. A friend gave a box to me and they were delicious.
    Where can I buy this product???

  2. 2

    arteesvida said,

    I found it at my local grocery store which is called HEB. I think they arn’t in any state but Texas and mostly in South Texas. Maybe your local grocery store can order it for you? Some chains like Albertsons are really good about that.

  3. 3

    Sandy said,

    I can not find the reduced sugar brownie mix at any of the stores in my area. I live in Rainelle West Virginia. Kroger and Wal Mart doesn’t have them and I love brownies, but with diabetes you can’t eat what you would like to but what you have to. I would love to try them but just can’t find them. Can you help me by letting me know where in my area I can find them? Have coupons but no product.

    • 4

      arteesvida said,

      Sandy, my local Wal-Mart has them as well as my local grocery chain (HEB). Both Kroger and Wal Mart are pretty good about special orders, have you asked them if they can order the mixes for you?

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