Staple Dinners

Michael Ruhlman wrote recently about staple meals, and posited the question about what are staple meals in your family.  This is a meal that we eat in one form or another almost every week all year long.  While Michael’s is way prettier and more upscale than mine (plus he has a Donna to take gorgeous photos), there was alot of similarities to what we cook on a regular basis.  But then, chicken, veggies, and a starch is probably the ultimate middle America homecooked dining experience.

Bob del Grosso, however, is just being a show-off.  A show-off who I would like to have cook for me, but a show-off nonetheless.


Grilled chicken marinated in tomato-basil dressing  (tomatos, basil and garlic from my CSA).  My husband grills out boneless, skinless chicken breasts about once a week.  Usually BBQ style, but this dressing was so thick and delcious that I thought it would make a great marinade, which it did.

New potatos roasted with olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and fresh rosemary (potatos from Greenling).  Red potatos are more GI friendly, but even so, having potatos at all is a really big treat, I have them once a week at most.

Salad with romaine lettuce, carrot, black olives, feta, cucumber (from the CSA), sunflower seeds, and homemade croutons dressed with homeade Greek dressing. We have a fresh salad or fresh fruit with all weekend dinners (and most weekday dinners, at least the ones I cook).  This one had more goodies in it than usual because I had alot of stuff in the fridge to throw in a salad.  I made the croutons from leftover, stale sourdough bread, olive oil, salt, pepper, and bouqet garni.  They make store bought croutons weep with inferiority.

For dessert, I had a fresh plum, and the kids and hubby had paletas from the local paleta factory. 


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    A “show off” eh? HRUMPH!

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