South Texas Meat Purveyors

First it was the tomatoes and now we are having a recall on ground beef.  While the recall doesn’t affect Kroger’s in Texas (yet, and hopefully not ever).  It’s another solid reminder of why it’s important to know where your food comes from.

This is a list of local meat purveyors recommended by the farmer who owns the CSA we belong to (who doesn’t produce meat himself).   These are all companies that he has personally worked with, and I trust his opinion.  I was pleasently surprised by the prices of the Fredericksburg Greassfed beef when I checked the site. Greenling offers local meat options as well, while there is an upcharge, it’s delivered right to your door!

Fredericksburg Grassfed Beef
Chuck and Teppi Schmidt – 830-990-9353

Loncito’s Lamb
Loncito Cartwright – 361-438-1289

Rasco Farm (beef)
Larry and Michelle Rasco – 20423 Ed Acklin Road
Manor, TX 78653 USA – (512) 294-6867

Thunderheart Bison
Hugh Fitzsimmons – 210-930-0841

Peach Creek Farms — Pork


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