Ronzoni Smart Taste Vs Dreamfields

Pasta bake made with Ronzoni Smart Taste rotini

I grew up eating whole wheat pasta but my family simply won’t have it.  When I first started on the GI diet, I figured I would be boiling two pots of pasta every time I had to cook it.  Then I found Dreamfields pasta which had all shapes and sizes, including lasagne noodles.

Then Ronzoni came out with Smart Taste pasta.  Ronzoni must be like the mob or something because the local grocery chain that carried Dreamfields immediately discontinued the Dreamfields brand so I had no choice but to try the Ronzoni or risk a strike over the whole wheat noodles.

 The good news is I like it just as well.  It tastes good. It actually has a bit more fiber (It has 6 grams of fiber to Dreamfields 5 grams) plus the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk.  The bad news is Ronzoni doesn’t yet make the linguini and the lasagne noodles that Dreamfields has available.

(Bonus! If the mafia hasn’t made Dreamfields sleep with the fishes in your hood, you can print a dollar off coupon here.)


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