Amber introduced me to Greenling and sure enough they are now delivering in my area.  My mom and I each ordered a box (different stuff in each so we can sample and share) and I can’t wait to try it out.

They work with organic purveyors and local whenver possible (each food is listed as to whether or not it is local and/or vegan).  I was so tickled to find out there is a locally made root beer that I had to order some.  I also ordered some veggies I don’t already get from my CSA as well as some locally produced cheeses (in case you can’t tell I have a serious cheese issue).  The prices are fair, often the same or better than the local farmer’s market and sometimes even better than the local grocery store.  Can’t wait to receive my box next week!

Here is Greenling on Facebook and the Greenling LiveJournal blog.


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    Hope said,

    I would so do this, if they were in my area.

  2. 2

    arteesvida said,

    Isn’t it awesome? I didn’t know they were in SA until just last week. You may be able to find a co-op in your area though. There’s a link for a co-op search engine plus a farmer’s market search engine and the like in the right hand side bar of the blog.

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