Cornmeal Battered Zucchini

This is how I like my fried zucchini.   However my husband grew up eating it battered in corn meal and requested I cook them that way.  This was one tough little dude of a zucchini so I first soaked the slices in buttermilk, dipped them in my cornmeal mixture (1 cup cornmeal, 1 cup unbleached flour, salt, and pepper), dipped them in egg (two beaten eggs) and then dipped them again in the cornmeal mixture.  Fried them in canola oil, put them on paper towels to drain and then salted them.  To keep them hot, I turned the oven to 170 to preheat, stashed them inside, in a dish with paper towels for draining, then turned the oven off.  This also helped them soften a bit. 


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