Diabetic & Glycemic Index Friendly Cosmopolitan

Did you see the Sex And The City movie yet?  I actually saw it on opening day, and seeing a movie on opening day is something I usually avoid more than going to the dentist.  It was fabulous, and it ended with the girls out on the town enjoying their signature drink.  Fortunately, vodka is GI-friendly.  It and red wine are yellow-lighted GI options.  So here is a low-sugar version of the cosmo in honor of Carrie Bradshaw and company.


1 1/2 oz vodka (Grey Goose, yes?)

3/4 oz triple sec or cointreau

3/4 oz Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry Juice*

1 oz fresh lime juice (or True Lime)


Pour all of the above into a cocktail shaker half filled with ice.  Shake, strain into a cocktail glass and serve (the classic way to serve is with a slice or curl of lemon).


* I’m a big fan of Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry juice.  It’s only 5 calories a serving and isn’t overly sweet.  I keep a bottle of it at work along with fizzy flavored waters and both have helped me way cut down my diet soda intake!




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