Quesadillas GI Style!

Quesadilla makers ran about forty bucks when they came out a few years ago.  They are about half that now, and even better, are something you can easily find at a thrift store or garage sale.  I got mine this week for 3 dollars.  I’ve been making quesadillas in a plain ole cast iron skillet on the stove for years, and sneered at the quesadilla makers but I broke down and bought one because of it’s kid friendliness.  They don’t have to worry about controlling the heat and I don’t have to worry about them using the stove.  It also takes alot less fat to make them crispy.

This one, made by my daughter, was spread with Land O Lakes light butter spread (it’s spreadable right out of the fridge, and is made partially with canola oil).  She made another one later just spraying the quesadilla maker itself with some canola oil spray.  It still tasted good but didn’t have that the same crispy texture on the outside of the tortilla.  She used whole wheat tortillas (you can get South Beach branded ones now, this one was plain ole Mission) in the burrito wrap size with beans and cheese.  The kids were so proud of their quesadilla making prowess!

Alot of times I make them for myself using lean chicken breast and cheese with the wheat tortilla.  A girlfriend of mine has been using a quesadilla maker for years and had some other great ideas for it, including making pizza-style quesadillas and the like.  I think my next experiment will be desert style quesadillas…I haven’t done any GI deserts in awhile!

(A pizza cutter works great for cutting along the delineated lines!)

The quesadilla maker in question is called the Santa Fe Quesadilla maker.  It has a light indicator to tell you when it’s preheated and the clean up was easy too!


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    Karen said,

    I’m from New Mexico, love my Mex food and this is perfect for a “mexi-fix”. But I live with a small kitchen, no storage, so have been getting ride of the “uni-taskers”. Didn’t want to give this up, so I started to think, what else could I cook on it.

    How about cookies? Bought a “tube” of peanut butter cookies, flattened out a 1/4 of the roll and closed in into the hot Quesadilla Maker. After 5 mins opened it up, weren’t done, still pretty soft. Let it cook about 3 more mins and could see was getting brown, but were still soft to the touch, so left the lid up and unplugged it. Let them cool for a while (figuring these were going to wind up chopped up in ice cream). When they cooled they stiffened up and OMG!!! They were wonderful!!! Crunchy & chewy!!

    I just made cornbread in it, made the batter a little thick, sprayed the maker with non-stick, came out like skillet corn bread in individual servings.

    Next I’ll try mini-calzones?!?!?

  2. 2

    arteesvida said,

    You could do dessert type stuff in there using tortillas or other breads (Pitas maybe?) like cinnamon toast or smores type fillings too, I bet.

    I love the idea of doing cookies and cornbread in there…especially cornbread since it takes such a HOT oven otherwise!

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