Farmer’s Market Season

Austin has a lovely year round farmer’s market that makes the San Antonio farmer’s market look incredibly weak.  Which, to be honest, they pretty much are.  This far south and we can’t manage a year round market?  The San Antonio markets should be opening this month, and I do frequent them but the Austin market has fresh cheeses, and meats, and homemade yogurts, and all kinds of lovely things that actually make it possible to cook and eat local.

Of course with gas being @#$&^# dollars a gallon, it isn’t a cost-effective trip unless you are going to Austin anyway.  Which we were.  Totally necessary trip, I swear!  I got the first blackberries of the season, yum!  It is still a little early for blackberries, even in South Texas and these were fairly spendy so I imagine they were hothouse.  I got enough to make a small cobbler.  The berries were so ripe and juicy that I added nothing to them, just the GI friendly crumb topping I developed last summer…so yummy!

I also bought some caraway gouda, bread, blueberry jam (per kids request, I think it is already gone), purple onions, radishes, plus some handmade soap and bakery snacks.  Last trip I got some amazing mushrooms, salad greens, and other delectibles.  I brought bread and cheese to work on Monday and almost lost a few fingers, how quickly it was snapped up by my coworkers.

It is way easier for me to G.I. blog this time of year.  Not only is the produce gorgeous and inspiring, I have not had school the past three summers.  Only working 40-50 hours a week feels like a vacation when a full time course load isn’t thrown into the mix.  This summer I’m taking one class, but a pretty intense one.  I don’t know if that will affect my summer cooking girl plans or not, but my mom joined a local CSA for us to split produce from so I’m hoping that will help me continued to be inspired.

During the school year, my idea of GI friendly eating has become the frozen pizza with the thin whole wheat crust.  However, I will be done with school this December so hopefully that will change soon as well.

Here is a link to Campbell Soup’s Six Weeks To Summer Cookbook.  It is tagged as Low Fat and many of the recipes look GI friendly.

What’s been cookin’ at your house?


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