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San Antonio Foodie

Here are two of my favorite places to shop for GI Diet foods:

Ali Baba Market ( I-10 and Wurzbach, west side of Freeway)

Fresh, made daily, inexpensive whole wheat pita bread
Inexpensive kalmata olives (canned)
Really inexpensive spices and spice mixes
Inexpensive dry beans and grains
Inexpensive ginger paste in jars

HEB Central Market
(Broadway nest to Incarnate Word University)

Bulk spices
Bulk whole wheat pastry flour
Bulk nuts and grains
Fresh miso, dark and light
Excellent whole grain breads
The freshest fish in San Antonio, according to top restauranteurs
The freshest and most expensive produce in San Antonio
Whole wheat filo dough (frozen)
European butter
Best cheese selection in San Antonio
Excellent prepared foods – pricey but top quality


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Since we’re on a Middle Eastern kick here, how about a great recipe for a lush-tasting Greek sauce that can be used as a dip or a sauce? I give you – Tzaziki!

2 cucumbers, seeded and chopped
1 quart mild whole milk plain yogurt (not Bulgarian)
2 cloves minced garlic
1 T. red wine vinegar
2 T. lemon juice

First, lightly salt the chopped cucumber and put in a colander to drain for about an hour. Refrigerate, covered.

Put the yogurt in a cheesecloth-lined colander over a large bowl to drain. I refrigerate this overnight. You can save the whey to use in baking instead of sour milk after the draining. You now have yogurt cheese. Mix this with the chopped, drained cucumbers and the rest of the ingredients. Use this to top grilled meats or as a dip for pita chips or warm pita bread quarters.

Makes about 3 cups.

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Sunday Linky Goodness

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Get a free sample of the Garden Harvest chips.

They are made with whole grains and veggies.

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The Other White Meat

This is from my mom.  It is very easy to vote for her, it is one vote per email.  You just click on her name and recipe and type in your email.  No registering needed.  Maybe I’m biased but I think her recipe is best and deserves to win!

Last May, I was looking for the internal temperature pork should be when properly cooked, and in doing so, I came upon an on-line cooking contest, which I entered then and there with an original recipe.  Well, yesterday I was notified that I am one of five national finalists.  Although the finalist prize is pretty fantastic (a Weber BBQ and some free meat), I would really like to win the grand prize, a trip to the Greenbrier for a top-notch cooking school, Steven Raichlen’s “Barbecue University” in 2008.
The competition is pretty good, and already the Pacific finalist is waaaay ahead, so I need your vote, and the votes of your friends and family.  Will you help manage my “campaign” and ask your posse to vote for my recipe, the “South-Central Region Fajitas de Puerco” recipe at this URL?

Voting ends August 31st, but please vote right away, before you forget!

I sure do appreciate your help.  I want to show all these Texas men I can take the heat, too.

Diane Stallings


ETA: She won y’all!  She is going to BBQ university in June 2008.  Muchas gracias for your support!

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