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Chicken Noodle Soup

I haven’t posted much lately because I spent several days being sick and then my husband did.  I think that all of this Third Coast rain has officially molded us over.  I did make a great, and super-easy glycemic index friendly chicken noodle soup last week that my husband lived on for several days.

I started with a big pot of broth made with a mexican-style chicken bouillon made by Knorr (Caldo con Sabor de Pollo).  Brought it to a boil and added a box of Dreamfields Penne which is lower G.I. than regular pasta (you could also add boil in a bag brown rice instead).  When the pasta was nearly cooked I added handfuls of chopped veggies (carrots, celery and onion) and a can of cooked white meat chicken as well as some bouquet garni.  It was so easy it was almost embarressing to call it “homemade”!


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Burger Goodness in San Antonio!

Sometimes we just need a fat satisfying burger, dripping juicy goodness down our arms. But those burgers come between 2 halves of a white bread bun just about all the time, at least eating out they do.

Well, in San Antonio, we now have a yummy burger,well, not exactly joint called Gourmet Burger Grill, wherein we have not only a choice of sourdough white bun, but whole wheat or marble rye bun. And a choice of Angus beef, or American Kobe beef, or ahi tuna, or chicken, or turkey or crabcake sandwich! Not to mention any of 13 cheese choices, including boursin, camembert and goat cheese; 13 sauces to choose from including lemon remoulade, pesto mayo and horseradish cream; and 13 interesting other toppings like sun-dried tomatoes, fried egg, and roasted red peppers.

For you rabbits, there are 4 salads and 6 home-made dressings. For you bad boys and girls out there, check out the battered, fried mac and cheese, the french fried white or sweet potatoes, and the fantastic onion rings ( I admit, I tried Mr. dks’ order). And if you need your sugar completely processed, there’s margarita pie and double chocolate cake. I didn’t even see these, let alone taste them. But I did think about them a little.

And there is bottled beer and wine, including that sorta-legal red wine we read about on the GI blogs and in the books. And for the really, really good boys and girls, there is turkey chili.

What more do ya need?

Here’s a map

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