GI Friendly Cinnamon Toast


My kids spent the latter part of the last week of school at home sick.  The one really fun week completely shot!  I wanted to make my daughter a little cinnamon toast this evening, hoping she could keep something down and I knew the smell of it would make me want some too, so I made a more G.I. friendly version.   I would call this version yellow light.  If you want to make it greener, use the Sugar Twin brown sugar subsititute instead of the Splenda brown sugar half&half and omit the honey alltogether.  It will still be tasty but it won’t melt the same way.

For two servings:

Four pieces of whole grain bread

Light butter spread (half butter, half canola oil)

Splenda Brown Sugar Mix (50/50)

a dab of honey (optional)

Cinnamon or a cinnamon spice mix.

Butter both sides of each piece of bread with the lite spreadable butter.  Sandwich about a tbs of the brown sugar mix, a half tsp of honey, and a healthy sprinkling of cinnamon between two pieces of bread.  Sprinkle the outsides with a bit more cinnamon and put both cinnamon toast sandwiches in a sandwich maker until toasted.  You could also use a George foreman grill, a panini maker, or a plain ole skillet.  You may want to spray all of the above with a bit of non-stick cooking spray for some added clean-up protection.

I think it’s worth using a little “real” sugar in the brown sugar mix and the dab of honey because it melts and carmelizes better but it isn’t necessary!!


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