Borderline Cheating Potatos

Many books about the G.I. diet list red potatos as OK.  They break down more slowly than regular potatos.  Rick Gallup lists red potatoes (new potatos) as a yellow-light food, but only if they have been boiled.  The book doesn’t explain why but I’m guessing it’s because they release so much of their starches in the water that way?

I decided to ignore the boiled part, but pay attention to the “yes you can have a certain kind of potato”, at least for Mother’s Day.  I haven’t had a potato of any sort in a couple of months.

These came from the farmers market, were quartered, tossed with a little olive oil, freshly ground pepper, sea salt, and fresh rosemary (also from the farmer’s market).

I roasted them at 350 for a very long time.  And they were eaten up in a very short time by my husband and kids who have also, by reason of being stuck with me, not had a potato in a couple of months.

ETA: Mendosa’s website states that “the reason that new potatoes have a lower GI is probably because most of the amylopectin is less branched—it is more like amylose at this immature stage. “  I betcha there are plenty of people out there smarter than me that understood that sentance!


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