Thinking Globally, Eating Locally

The whole, very general so don’t shoot me, idea of the glycemic index diet is that food’s that are less processed take longer to process in your body as sugar.  For example, in breads whole grain is better than whole wheat is better than bleached flour.

Fruits and veggies  have alot of natural sugars but most have a low to moderate G.I. (with the exception of melons which are red-zone G.I.) because they are unprocessed.

This time of year is the best time for fresh produce…and even better fresh local produce.

Find your own local farmer’s market y’all.

Barbara Kingsolver wrote a few years ago that if everyone would just spend 20.00 a month on locally produced foods it would change the world.  It isn’t hard to do in the summertime…give it a shot!


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    […] about using your local farmer’s market as a good source of healthy, local ingredients in this post.  I talked about an essay Barbara Kingsolver published in her book Small Wonders a few years ago […]

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