No Sugar Added Hot Chocolate

NSA hot chocolate has about 7 grams of sugar per pouch, versus 22 grams for regular hot chocolate.  The 7 grams comes mainly from milk sugars so they should break down slower than the others.

The secret ingredient of the hot chocolate at Starbucks is actually, ironically, a shot of vanilla syrup.  While Starbucks doesn’t have a sugar-free vanilla syrup, they are readily available…I bought DaVinci brand from Sam’s Club for under 5.00 a bottle.  If you add a little of that to your NSA hot chocolate (1 tsp or less is plenty, otherwise you will start to taste that sugar subsititute whang) you can duplicate the Starbucks experience pretty closely!

ETA: Someone left me a bit of an upset comment stating that Starbucks DOES TO have sugar free vanilla syrup, and if I had ever been to a Starbucks I would have known that.  So I should clarify my comment by saying that every time I have been to a Starbucks and asked for sugar free vanilla syrup I have been told they don’t have it.  Maybe because they don’t put big stock in sugar free stuff in my town?  The last barista I talked to told me that the hot chocolate could be made sugar free except for the vanilla syrup.    If it is available where you live, then good on you.  Either way, this is a way you can duplicate the taste of the Starbucks version with no sugar added.

 If you ever need to correct or clarify any of my information on this blog, please feel free to do so.  You might be surprised to find that it isn’t necessary to be nasty in the process…I’m quite receptive to new information.


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