Whole Grain Pizzas

D’Giornno and Freshetta both make a G.I.-friendly frozen pizza now.  D’Giornno’s is whole wheat and Freshetta’s is whole grain (more whole grains than just wheat).  I’m not sure how many different varieties of each are available but I have tried the D’Giornno thin crust and rising crust and the Freshetta’s rising crust.  All were really quite good.  Obviously the thin crust is the healthier G.I. option but the other was filling enough that I only ate two pieces so I didn’t overindulge.

Frozen pizzas can taste quite good, especially if you put them right on the rack instead of on a cookie sheet.

You can also reduce the fat by up to 30% by blotting the top of your piece of pizza with a paper towel before you eat since many of the oils float to the top…(you know that yummy orange stuff).

If you are ordering pizza out, finding a whole wheat or whole grain crust is still really hard (impossible in San Antonio).  You can, however, request a thin crust, and light cheese to reduce the fat a bit (you won’t notice the difference at all…I never do, and I LOVE cheese).  The blotting trick works well on this pizza too!


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